Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quick News

Headlines from the various corners of my brain today:
  • Association cortex and temporal lobes - I have decided not to go through with confirmation this year. I feel at best a tenuous connection with the church and my doubts are getting stronger, so I'm basically fully an athiest now.

  • Visual cortex - I have finished the major contstruction work on my SpaceShipOne model. The 8-part balsa wing-fins took a lot of work. Pictures to come when I figure out how to link to files on my computer using HTML.

  • I figured out how to make the altitude tracking capsule on the MaxTrak work. First, I replaced the 1.5V battery with a 3V battery so the display was readable. Next, I crimped the spring cannister inside so the ground detection spring was more likely to activate. Then, I put a small streamer on it to stabalize its descent. I will try it soon on the body of my Cosmic Cobra.

  • My dad is currently stuck in DC cause his plane was grounded due to a computer problem. He was supposed to be back at 12, but now it looks like he'll have to take a flight to Boston.. grr.

  • My frog is perfectly hidden in an almost empty fishtank. He managed to crawl into a quarter-inch gap between a plastic plant and the gravel. It took me almost five minutes to find him. I guess he just vonts to be let alone.

  • I wanted to make something called a Magnetic Apogee Detector to deploy my parachute on certain rockets, but I'm notpaying 26 bucks for the magnetic switch. Oh well.

That's all!

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