Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Starting work on Nell

I've started work on my second Fliskits Goddard model.

First, you cut the tubes. Pieces of BT-20 (18mm), BT-55 (33mm), BT-60 (1.63" / 41mm) and BT-70 (2.1") have to be cut to length, and you have to cut a piece of BT-2 (0.22") into several pieces.

You start with the nose section. You assemble the motor mount, cut out a conical shroud, and wrap it around. Then you glue that into the piece of BT-55, and you end up with an incredibly ungainly-looking thing.

Problem. I forgot to glue in the engine block. And where it's supposed to be is buried about 6" inside the larger tube. So, I use tweezers to get it roughly in place, apply glue with a skewer, and push it into place with a marker. Problem solved.

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