Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Love Data

Not the android. Cool guy and all, but annoying after a while.

No, I'm talking about hard data. Facts. Information. Numbers. I love it. Call me a lifeless nerd (I do not deny), but some days I'd rather sit in the glow of my laptop screen and process data than do most anything else.

For example, my spreadsheet of data of all my rocket launches. It does everything. Automatically computes stats for every rocket and motor I've launches since October 2008. I'm still updating it to be more automatic, but it works nicely.

Ideally, it'll automatically compute everything. Add a new flight, it'll automatically add the impulse for the motor, update the number of flights for that particular rocket, add the reference number for that rocket, and update the number of flights with that particular motor. As of yet, all those things have to be updated manually.

But, once I finished sorting through all the errors today, I discovered some interesting stuff.

One odd bit is when I looked at the total impulse I've flown of each motor type. The two H165s from my certification last summer amount to 330 Newton-seconds, more than any other motor. 35 C6s equal 308 Ns, and 18 D12s make 302 Ns.

One more cluster flight with the Buckeye IV, though, and 4 more D12s will put it on top.

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DTH Rocket said...

My highest sum of impulse for a motor is the G64. I've flown that one about 11 times (including 3 launches of a cluster rocket that uses two of them), so that's just over 1300 Ns! That is equivavent to a very small K motor.