Sunday, August 1, 2010

Two new Aerotech Motors!

Two new Aerotech motors; one reload and one single-use motor, were certified effective July 27.

The first is the second single-use motor to use their 24mm x 95mm (The same size as an Estes E9) molded case. It's an F30FJ (Fast Black Jack / Black Max propellant); it'll be available in 4, 6, and 8-second delays.

Its initial mass is 70 grams; 31.2g is propellant. Total impulse is 47 Ns - an 18% F - with a burn time of 1.51 seconds.

The other new motor is a G138T-14A load for the 29/40-120 hobby case. It's a slightly detuned version of the H load (which is undergoing slight modifications for certification). The stock delay is 14 seconds, adjustable by drilling, and the propellant is a high-solids, high-impulse Blue Thunder blend.

Initial mass is 148 grams, with 70 grams of propellant. The 138-Newton average thrust makes it a high-power load; the 70 grams of propellant require hazmat shipping. Impulse is 157 Ns, burn time is 1.14 seconds.

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KenKzak said...

Two new motors! The 24mm F30FJ is sweet but the G138-14T reload is the one for me.
A big blue burp! But still longer than a second.

Given it's weight and thrust level it will not be a "retail" reload. You won't need to be certified level 1 plus, but a membership will be required to purchase.

I'm just as pleased to see it released in a single long delay. Simpler to sell and simpler to buy, just let rocketeers sort it out when the time is at hand.