Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rizzoli & Isles

In keeping with my apparent quest to watch every cop show on television, and because I was up late the other night, I watched an episode of Rizzoli and Isles on TNT. Pretty good, for a show with Abbie Carmichael from Law & Order, Kate Todd from NCIS, the shrink from The Sopranos, Jett Jackson, and George Tenet.

Seriously, though, it's awesome for 3 reasons:

1) It's set in Boston. Nothing's ever set in Boston. Granted, this guarantees a murder on the T by the middle of the second season, and one in Fenway by the third. Also, 'Boston-Cambridge University" as an obvious stand-in for Harvard.

But still, Boston. That means Boston cops, and a kick-ass Irish punk theme song, and finally a TV show not set in New York or LA. It also creates an interesting mini culture clash between those (Isles) who went to college, and the blue-collar cops (Rizzoli, and Detective Korsak) who didn't.

2) Its top-billed stars are two females. That alone is pretty rare. But these are two intelligent females, who are focused on their careers, and not vain nor utterly helplesss when it comes to men. That's practically unheard of. You wouldn't see it on CBS or NBC or ABC.

And: Isles, the coroner, is pretty damn cool. Think Temperance Brennan from Bones, but without the cripling personality flaws. She's still a bit awkward and tends towards overly complex descriptions of injuries, but she is definitely not the stereotyped television nerd like Brennan is.

3) It's funny as hell. The interplay between no-nonsense cop Rizzoli and nerdy coroner Isles is pretty good. Rizzoli's mother is funny. Detective Korsak is funny.

But the other guy detective, Barry Frost, has two of the best lines. He's the only black guy in the unit, and he derives as much humor out of it as possible. It's edgy, and not entirely PC, but not offensive.

..And that's all I have for now. Good night.

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