Sunday, August 22, 2010

Launch Report #41: CATO 164

Pretty good day at CATO, though it didn't get off to an auspicious start. Conflict with some grumpy old farmer, who supposedly has the rights to mow the town field we use.

First flight for me was Rama on a D13-4W reload. Nice fast flight with good chute deployment. However, due to the odd shape of the motor casing, it was sticking out the back of the rocket quite a bit, and it was not entirely stable during boost.

Second flight was the A.R.V. Condor on a B6-4. The gliders didn't glide very well - too nose-heavy - and all three parts fell into deep, thick grass. With the help of another CATO member and some of the Civil Air Patrol kids who came to the launch, I found the booster and both gliders. The life to fly another day.

Third flight was the 29mm Pyramid (of FLAMING DOOOOM!) on a G64. I taped a 36" parachute to the back and let it loose. Unfortunately, the quick-link came loose and swung into the thrust, diverting it to the side, and causing the parachute to get ripped off by the fast-moving air. Fortunately, it went in a high arc over and beyond the crowd, and landed in the field. Undamaged. That 3/16" bamboo lite-ply is gorram unbreakable.

Al Gloer disagrees. 2.125" packing tube = potential 54mm motor mount. We agreed that sometime, it'll take on the Aerotech I599N Warp Nine reload. That will likely rip it apart, but if it doesn't, it'll be spectacular. I won't even need a Level 2 certification (which I'm planning to get next year anyway).

Final flight was my Fliskits L-13 on a C6-3. Perfect flight - slow boost and perfect chute deployment. Jim Flis was there, and he took a picture of me with it. How awesome is that?

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