Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blag hag

I recently stumbled across Blag Hag, an awesome blog about atheism and biology and politics and delicious sciencey goodness. Jen McReight is seriosuly awesome, a published biologist, and also an authority about all things nontheist. (Warning: it's frequently NSFW). I've spent about the last three hours reading through months of posts (including a 24-hour, 48-post blogathon for charity).

One of many, many interesting things I've found is this this about male privilege. Basically, as a guy, I have advantages in a whole lot of social situations. I didn't ask for them, I don't try to take advantage of them, but I have them, sheerly for having the luck to get a Y chromosome.

It's downright sobering, just how much latent sexism there is, even when things are supposed to be equal. Makes you think.

Lest I end this post on a downer, consider this fact, gleaned from a site she linked to: there is a genus of snails with the name Turbo. Yes.

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