Sunday, August 22, 2010

On the Workbench

I've got a lot of rocketry projects currently going on.

36" parachute: The lines were fried by the plume of a G64, then snapped by the vortices created by the fast-moving blunt object. They will be replaced.

Pyramid: Needs to be more stable, so that means nose weight. Going to change the motor mount a bit, so that the 29mm mount can possibly be swapped out for 38 or 54mm.

Nell: Needs to be finished. The thin tubes connecting everything are going to be ridiculously tricky.

A.R.V. Condor: Gliders need better glide-testing.

Rama: One of my refurbishment jobs. Going to replace the launch lug, rebuild and refinish the nose cone, and replace the motor mount. And maybe the fins. Heck, maybe I should just rebuild it entirely.

Bullpup: Going to redo the paint job. Strip it off, prime, paint, draw on markings.

MLAS: build.

No Crimp (13mm superroc): build.

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