Saturday, February 20, 2010


I got to go skiing today at Stratton Mountain in Vermont. It was only my second time skiing at a large resort, and it was great. It was a bit crowded a few times, and the snow was a bit choppy, but I got 18 runs in.

I went down a double black diamond trail for the first time, and amazingly did not kill myself in doing so. In fact, despite snow that contained both thick powder and icy spots, I did not fall even once. There were a handful of times where I hit an icy patch and went too fast on a steep trail, and twice I felt fully out of control, but I was always able to recover.

Ironicially, we only went on Stratton's best lift - the gondola - once. It's enclosed, warm, and fast, but the lines are long, and we preferred to stay on the harder trails near the peak. So, after the initial ascent, we skiied down two-thirds of the way to the fast 6-person chairlift, rode it to the top, and repeated.

My dad commented that it was like two different mountains on the same day. There was nearly constant cloud cover over the peak, with fog and high winds. The trees were covered in snow, and the trails were steep and icy. Nearer the bottom, the skies were clear, the winds calm, and the trails flatter and with more powder.

I drove from the Vermont border to Stratton, and from Hartford to home.

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Sascha Grant said...

Sounds like an excellent day! I haven't been skiing for years :(

Best I've ever done was a single black diamond run :p our mountains just aren't as extreme ;)