Friday, February 26, 2010

Rocket Team Vatsaas

Thanks to Dick Stafford, I have discovered the Rocket Team Vastaas webpage. And wasted half my afternoon on it.

They've got a lot of cool rockets, including Evil Berts, large scale models (inlcuding large SS1s and a 42% scale Standard Missile), and really fat, bulbous rockets that shouldn't be stable, but are.

They also have a list of peculiar rocket names, stating that "generally, a rocket name falls under the category of 'peculiar' when it indicates the author may be hiding a socially abhorrent personality disorder".

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The EGE said...

Another incomprehensible Chinese spam removed... these guys never give up.

"行動養成習慣,習慣培養人格,人格影響命運........" translates - roughly - to "Habit of action, habits develop character, personality affect the fate of the ....."

Where the ellipsis was a presumably spammy link.