Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Quest D motors certified

Comments in bold are mine. 4.45N = 1 pound

R133: NAR S&T New Motor Certifications:

24mm x 70mm
18.59Ns total impulse
28.88N peak thrust
8.44N average thrust
22g propellant mass

This is basically a lower-thrust D12. Same size, same delays, and just a hair more impulse. The 29N spike, though, should be enough to get decent-sized rockets off the pad.

20mm x 96mm
17.61Ns total impulse
16.80N peak thrust
3.82N average thrust
24.0g propellant mass

This is an interesting development. It's their D5 motor, originally designed for rocket gliders, but with delays and an ejection charge. It's got decent oompf - 16.8N (3.78 lbs) for liftoff - but it's otherwise a long-burning motor with low thrust. Good for gliders that need an ejection charge I suppose, but it doesn't fit in 18mm kits, is too low-thrust for most 24mm kits, and it's not useful for most contest rockets.

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