Sunday, February 7, 2010

History Day!

It's been over a year since I did a proper History Day post. Which means it's time for the tradition to start again...

1804: John Deere - yes, *that* John Deere - was born.

1812: The strongest (Magnitude 8.3) of the New Madrid earthquakes destroyed the town of New Madrid, toppled buildings in St. Louis, made waterfalls on the Mississippi and changed it course, caused a wave to run UPSTREAM on the Mississippi, and rang church bells all the way to Boston.

Also 1812: Charles Dickens, great and intolerably boring Victorian writer, was born.

1867: Pinoneering pioneer writer Laura Ingalls Wilder was born.

1889: Harry Nyquist, a founding informational theorist, was born.

1906: Oleg Antonov, Soviet aerospace engineer, designer of planes from small biplanes to the monster An-225, and the founder of the eponymous Antonov design firm; was born.

1926: Konstantin Feoktistov, cosmonaut and spacecraft designer, was born.

1932: Apollo 15 command module pilot Al Worden was born.

1935: Monopoly is invented. Rainy Sunday afternoons become a little less boring.

1959: Baseballer extraordinaire Nap Lajoie died at 84.

1960: Igor Kurchatov, father of the Soviet atomic bomb but also an advocate of peaceful nuclear power, died at 57.

1979: For the first time since Pluto's 1930 discovery, its orbit brought it closer to the sun than Neptune.

1984: On the Shuttle mission STS-41B, astronauts Bruce McCandless and Robert L. Stewart performed the first untethered spacewalks using the MMU.

1990: The Soviet Union ended when the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party relinquished its power.

1999: King Hussein of Jordan, a skilled diplomat, peacemaker, democratic and civil rights activist, ameteur radio operator, pilot, and all-around awesome guy; died at age 63 after having ruled Jordan since age 17.

2010: A large explosion at a power plant in Middletown, CT - near where I live - killed at least 5 workers.

All information except the last item from Wikipedia.

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