Monday, February 22, 2010

More pictures!

First, my 24mm motor cases, because I never got around to gettign a picture of the 24/60 case. Its primary differences from the 24/40 case - length, and bigger aft closure - are pretty readily apparent. The orange thing is a really nice flet sleeve my mom made me.

Next is my new 18mm booster stage, with Wizard for size comparison. Huge fins = very stable.

This my new 18mm boost pod for gliders. They're hard to see, but it's got both a 1/8" and a 3/16" launch lug. One attaches the rocket to the launch rod; the other holds the glider. The little fins are for extra stability. I've had a few gliders break free prematurely before; the fins will keep the pod stable until ejection rather that having it go unstable and possibly crash.

And finally, the SpaceShipOne, stripped of much of its paint and sanded down, ready for primer. It's going to look so much better after it's repainted, because i really botched up the paint job before.
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