Monday, February 15, 2010

Viper IV part VI: Pictures!

Because I know I've only got about one more post before someone bugs me for pictures...

This first one is the fin unit with the fillets drying. It's up on blocks so it stays upright.
Note the way the 4 motor tubes fit into the brown coupler; it took a lot of balsa, tissue paper, and wood filler for the nice joint you see here. Also note the 4 motors test-fit into the motor tubes, and my homemade motor retainer.

When I'm old and stodgy and have a desk and an office, I will make one of these fin units again. Because it's so much cooler than a plant, serves as an auxilary paperweight, and start a lot of conversations. Especially if everything goes as planned and I go into aerospace engineering.

This is just a dry fit, but it's roughly what I'll look like glued together. except for the whole 'paint' thing, of course.

Here's a close-up of the shock cord mount.

I bought some extra 1/4" elastic today. I'm going to add 9 feet of that to the 8 feet of shock cord already included with the Viper IV. More shock cord means less change of it breaking or of the nose cone bouncing back and hitting (and damaging) the body, and makes it 9 feet easier to recover if it lands in a tree.

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fencer_22 said...

EGE, what is that stuff in the tube in your last pic that looks an awful lot like a bit of plastic explosive?

The EGE said...

It's epoxy clay. Great stuff.

Peter said...

I've flown the heck out of my Viper III, one of my favorite rockets.

Murdock said...

Woot, pictures! Looking good, nice build so far.

R2K said...

Nice work! My Viper 4 has yet to fly much... You know, I used some cable and ran that through my motor mount for recovery. I dont love the LOC shock cord system as much... granted it has never failed me in many flights. At the very least, attaching it way down at the motor mount area keeps things open and free all the way down. More room for parachutes etc. And I went directly with kevlar strap over the included material: in my mind this kind of cluster rocket is prone to recovery problems and high stress. So that was my reasoning.