Thursday, February 25, 2010

Aerotech 29mm Spacer System - A Preview

Aerotech has a preview of their 29mm spacer system up on their Facebook page.

It's expected to cost $29.99 and will be fully compatible with Aerotech-branded cases as well as licensed Rouse-Tech and Dr. Rockets casings.

It includes a forward retainer ring, floating forward closure, and two 1-grain spacers:

(clicking on photos takes you to the photo in their album on Facebook)

Here's what the retainer ring and floating closure look like installed in a 29mm case, with no spacers:

No word yet on whether there'll be a special spacer for 29/100 loads. The adapter system is due out in April.

Aerotech is also planning a '38mm Special' with their 38mm system. 38/360 case, aft closure, retaining ring, floating forward closure, and two 38mm spacers, all for just $59.99. That's the ability to fly all 1, 2, and 3-grain (120, 240, 360 Ns) Aerotech 38mm loads, for 25 bucks less than the cost of the 38/360 system alone. I'm in.

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