Monday, February 22, 2010

Priming and painting

For the first time in over a month, the weather got over 50° more than momentarily today. 50 is a pretty important temperature because that's the minimum temperature for my auto primer. So, I went out and painted some rockets.

First, I primed everything:

Viper IV (fin unit only)
18mm booster (still needs a name)
18mm glider pod (ditto)

The can of primer was almost 7 bucks but well worth it. It coated everything nice and smoothly and dried very quickly. I let it dry for about 20 minutes before I came back to paint.

I'm not sure how I'll paint the Viper IV yet, so I didn't paint the fin unit.

The Svetlana got a coat of a nice cherry red. Sometime later I'll add black fading a patterns, per suggestion of mandachan.

The SpaceShipOne is now white, although it'll need a second coat for full coverage. Already, though, it looks so much better than before. Putting primer on, especially the nice auto primer, makes the bottom coat opaque so the paint really looks nice and even.

The 18mm booster is now yellow; I might add a roll pattern later. Feel free to suggest names for it and the glider boost pod in the comments.

I painted the boost pod yellow on one side, green on the other. Green is usually a dangerous choise cause it blends in with grass, but the yellow will make it easy to find.

Pictures will come later, maybe tomorrow, after everything is dry and I can bring them all inside without stinking the house up.


DTH Rocket said...

I didn't know Svetlana was the name of a rocket, that's my sister's name.

The EGE said...

Svetlana is also mandachan's alter-ego and the namesake of the rocket. Svetlana is actualy a heavily modified Big Daddy, with 29mm motor mount, baffle system, and more.