Tuesday, July 22, 2008

JEDEC 3N Series

First off, I've changed the hit counter. Now it only counts unique visits, so I'll be in fair competition with mandachan.

Second, I changed the link to my 4000 series list to google docs because I couldn't get the HTML to recognize my file name.

Most importantly, I now have a complete spreadsheet of the JEDEC 3N series as well. It's a mixed bag of bipolar transistors, MOSFETs, bridge rectifiers, optocouplers, and more. It's right here at google docs.

For my own HTML learning, here is a listing by type:
AC SwitchesACS2
Bridge rectifiersBR14
Bipolar TransistorsQ83
Silicon Controlled SwitchesSCS10
Zener diodesZD6

Sources:Datasheet Catalog
Datasheet Archive
RCA Transistor Thyristor & Diode Manual © 1969

(Ninja'd 9/13/09 to eliminate the gap in my html)


The EGE said...

Hey cool! This ranks #2 in google for "JEDEC 3N Series", a search which i have done before myself.

The EGE said...

Actually, it's result #1 for "JEDEC 3N". Someone besides mandachan might actually find my blog.

mandachan said...

yeah, but i don't think there's anyone else other than you who'd understand this stuff. 8b... (look sideways)

mandachan said...

and with the hit counter thing, how'd you get 180 aside from the whole non-unique-visit thing? but then again, i've only had the counter since june-ish too...

and my boyfriend was benched yesterday! oh teh noes! :(