Monday, July 21, 2008

4000 Series

I have a spreadsheet here of every CMOS 4000 series chip that exists. It includes # of pins and function. It's right here.
Please leave a comment for questions, suggestions, or contributions.
A quick guide to the reference code on the right:
ADDAdders and Arithmetic units
GLogic Gates
MUXMultiplexers and demultiplexers
SRShift registers
VIBMonostable and Astable Multivibrators

Wow - a table and a hyperlink. My HTML skills are getting better and better.

Edit: 9/13/09: edited html to eliminate the giant gap.

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mandachan said...

all i understood was flip flops (which of course doesn't refer to sandals in geek-ese) and miscellaneous.

i'm bummed. :,( second page of AL hitting stats will explain it all.