Sunday, July 6, 2008

Oregon - the beaver state!!!

And now, a more complete version of my trip.
Jun 26: Fly out to Oregon. see a hippie market in NE Portland.
Jun 27: Go to Washington Park in SW Portland, with the world's 2nd deepest subway station at 260 ft. Go to Powell's technical Books, the greatest collection of geekery I have ever seen. Ride the Portland Aerial Tram 500 ft up a hill.
Jun 28: Drive up the Columbia River Gorge. walk behind Latourell Falls (between the falls and cliff). Drive up Mount Hood. Have a snowball fight.
Jun 29: Rebecca turns 18! Play 9 holes of golf. Drive through endless forest. Stop to get a picture and... nearly flip our rental SUV in volcanic sand. it took a BIG truck from the ODOT and a very nice man named Mike Sissel from the National Guard to get us out. Have a great dinner in Bend.
Jun 30: Climb a 150ft river bluff and throw stones into the river. Walk through Lava Cast Forest, with stone casts of trees destroyed by a volcano. Drive up the very steep Pilot Butte.
Jul 1: Drive to Crater Lake. Absolutely amazing. Throw snowballs. See beautiful Steller's jays. Stay at diamond lake, home of the nuclear mosquitoes.
Jul 2: Drive to Coos Bay. Find nearly unbreakable concretions at Cape Arago- I brought a baseball-size one home.
Jul. 3: drive up the coast. visit the Oregon Dunes.
Jul 4: visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium. drive up to portland. watch the awesome fireworks from the abutment of the Steel bridge. watch a 102-car freight train.
Jul 5: Fly home. See leftover fireworks all over new england

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~~~~The EGE


mandachan said...

sounds like fun. hahahaha for almost flipping your car over. WHY DIDN'T YOU BUY ME ANYTHING?!?! jk :D
and thanks for responding to all my emails. and once again, if you even think about spamming tia, which i already know you did, i will come over your house and personally shove one of those oregon rocks somewhere it shouldn't be shoved. don't doubt it.

mandachan said...

and you know that all of your visits are either you posting or me commenting/reading/wishing you'd post more often 'cause you bug me about it. no one loves you, you just want to think that.

mandachan said...

aaand i put my counter up when i figured out how, which was in june, but i've had the blog since january, so there's been more visits than that.

mandachan said...
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mandachan said...

hi again.
(i have serious issues)

anyway, this is actually important for once. how do you get the links as just words instead of copying and pasting the whole dang URL address? ellie does the same thing, where she has it so you can just click on the word and it'll bring you there. waaah! i can't figure it out!

The EGE said...

Did you remove one of your comments?