Tuesday, July 15, 2008

History Day!!!!!

On other july 15ths:
1799: The Rosetta stone is discovered by Napoleon's troops
1815: He surrenders. oh, the irony.
1916: Boeing is incorporated.
1931: Clive Cussler, action writer extraordinaire, is born
1940: Robert Pershing Wadlow, the tallest human ever at 8 feet 11 inches, dies at 22.
1948: General Pershing, of no relation, dies.
1967: Adam savage, mythbuster extraordianaire, is born.
2003: The Mozilla foundation is established to save the open-source browser.


mandachan said...
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mandachan said...

oh, the only reason you have so many visits as compared to mine is because you have yours as every time, and mine is every unique visit (yours adds even when i refresh, but mine only adds when a new person sees it. i can be on it 5 times in a day and as long as i've had the internet up the whole time, it'll only count for one visit 'cause it was me every time.)

The EGE said...

ohh. I'll have to put a different counter on then. maybe write it myself- i'm learning html.

mandachan said...

you don't need to, just go back to the website counter website and choose the unique visit box and start where you left off.