Thursday, July 10, 2008

History Day!!!!!

Interesting and important july tenths:
138-1590: 10 royals from Rome, China, Castile, Denmark, Hungary, France, austria, and Orange die.
1509: John Calvin, religious reformer and namesake for Calvin of calvin and Hobbes is born
1796: At 17, Carl Friedrich Gauss discovers that every number is the sum of no more than 3 triangular numbers.
1832: Alvan Graham Clark is born.
1839: Adolphus Busch, founder of the beer giant Anheuser Busch, is born.
1856: Nikola tesla, electrical genius and Nobel prize rejector, is born.
1890: Wyoming becomes the 44th state. All 6 residents and 300,000 squirrels join the US.
1895: Carl Orff, awesome composer whose works now play on gatorade commercials, is born.
1925: The Scopes Trial, an important landmark in the teaching of evolution, begins.
1940: The battle of britain begins.
1958: A 524m (1720ft) tsunami happens in Lituya Bay, alaska.
1962: the 3-point seat belt is patented. In takes 45 years before they become mandatory.

Anyway, here's a joke presented in play form:
Man lost in balloon: Help! I'm lost! Where am I?
Man on Ground: You're in a balloon about 30 feet up.
MIB: You must work in IT.
MOG: How'd you know that?
MIB: 'Cause your answer was technically correct, but functionally useless, and I'm still lost.
MOG: Well, you must be a manager.
MIB: How'd you figure that out?
MOG: Well... You're lost in a piece of technology that you don't understand, but after i try to help, you say it's my fault.


mandachan said...
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mandachan said...

you can tell that i'm obsessed with baseball 'cause with the first one, i thought, 'royals? they weren't around between 138 and 1590 AD.'

speaking of which, oh no! alex gordon had to bat...7th? yeah, i think 7th... but that's really bad! and he had an 0-fer! but i still love him.

mandachan said...

oh, and it was me that deleted the comment from the other post. and today's too.

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