Saturday, September 18, 2010


So, I got bored in Marine Science today. We were supposed to be writing research papers, but that doesn't work too well when all our work is online.... and most of the computers don't work. We theoretically have a dozen laptops, but many don't login properly... or connect to the internet. Some that do connect still can't actually load websites.

I was dealing with one such laptop today. Having at that point absolutely nothing productive to do, I went under Accessories, and sure enough, I managed to access the Command Line interface. It's not supposed to be accessible on school computers (along with Facebook, Youtube, and anything deemed R rated), but somehow it was. I used ping and ipconfig to check the network status - the network was fine, Internet Exploder was the problem - then I typed the the command 'telnet'. A login later, et voila. Nethack.

It was the text-based graphical interface - I normally play with tiles - and the half-second lag was not fun. But I haven't died yet, and hey, Nethack. In class. It's the old-school technology version of the comic book behind the textbook.

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fencer_22 said...

haha you would fit right in in one of the engineering classses you know that? whenever we hit a snag we can't unraval for ourselves we have to wait ten min. for Ewing to come help us out so we inevitably end up goofing around on line. haha last class i watched most of an episode of high school of the dead =) and freshman year i got an entire class adicted to the game bloons. =)