Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Much Frustration

We're working on big giant projects for Marine Science. 6-page papers, with research, graphs, everything. I'm lucky enough to have two intelligent partners who care about their grades. But that doesn't mean there's not a lot of frustration for me.

First, the computers. As I mentioned a few days ago, most of the computers are old crappy laptops. The internet doesn't work on many of them. Or the battery is bad. Or it doesn't log on. Or the screen hinges are randomly loose. Can't get any work on them.

Even the good Macs have troubles. Some can't run the internet browser and Excel at the same time. They run an outdated version of Safari. Frequently, instead of saving, Excel crashes.

The most frustrating thing, though, is the data. One group, responsible for two of the seven elevation plots, completely bolloxed the data up. I noticed yesterday, when the teacher was gone on a field trip. It took till the end of class today to fix it and three other errors that popped up.


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