Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bad Driver Awards for Today

Honorable mention: the truck driver who stopped without warning right where the road narrows to 1.5 lanes, leaving me stopped short and forcing the car moving in the opposite direction to squeeze around me, while I could not move. A turn signal - and perhaps parking 20 feet in either direction where the road is wider - would have been real nice.

Runner-up: The lady in the zippy blue Subaru on I-395. I'm in the left lane going just over the speed limit, with heavy rain coming down, so I'm just about maintaining position in the lane. This lady zooms up behind me and gets about 5 feet on my bumper, and stays there till we're past the mass of cars in the right lane. I put on my right blinker, and she decides then is the time to zip around me.

And the winner is: the vapid moron in the blue-grey SUV, who decided to pull out short in front of me on Route 12. And not accelerate. With no headlights / tailights on. In ridiculously hard rain.

What is it about rain that brings out the bad drivers?

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