Friday, September 3, 2010

Gnome With the Wand of Death

Yesterday, as I was playing Nethack, I suffered a horrible death. A promising young Valkyrie, already with speed boots and the artifact weapon Mjollnir, was killed by the (mostly) mythical Gnome With the Wand of Death.

It's a ridiculously long-odds occurrence. In Nethack, intelligent monsters can use wands (4% of randomly generated items). One of every 200 wands is a wand of death. But somehow, the random item that this gnome stumbled across was the 1-in-5000 wand of death.

Not to mention, gnomes are puny monsters. With an artifact weapon like Mjollnir, they die in one hit. But my character got felled by a pathetic monster with a powerful wand. Not fair.

The biggest irony: My character was called RNGbane. RNG is the Random Number God, the anthropomorphization of the random number generator that determines everything in Nethack - what monsters and items are generated, whether attacks hit, even the shape of the dungeon. The Banes are a type of artifact weapon that do double damage against their specific monster. Trollsbane, for example, does double damage to trolls. Thus, RNGbane should have been able to beat the RNG. Instead, the RNG pulled off a nearly impossible trick.

I captured the moment for all eternity:
Click on the image to embiggen it.

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lf52 said...

I feel your pain D=
Like the other day, I was fighting a horde of monsters from an opulent throne room, one of which turned out to be a cockatrice... I killed it with ease, but a yellow light came by and blinded me, and I touched the cockatrice corpse DDDDD=
(I wasn't wearing gloves... cuz the only one I had was gauntlets of power, but I was playing a wizard >.<)