Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor day.

Labor Day, schmabor day. here's why I hate it:
  1. It's pointless. It was originally designed as a holiday to celebrate the lower and middle classes for their hard labor.... by giving them a day off. Now, low-wage employees (except for government workers like me)don't get the day off, while less deserving high-wage people do. duh.

  2. It's making my package late. It left Watsonville - south of San Francisco - on Tuesday - great! By Wednesday morning, it left Sacremento. And since noon Wednesday it's been " in transit" in Reno. It's provably sitting in a warehouse and won't arrive till Tuesday. If there wasn't labor day, it would either be here already or Monday. comeon, Fedex, update the tracking.grrr

  3. It makes school go one day longer in the summer.

  4. My dad had two tickets for yesterday's OSU game, but he didn't want to fly on Labor Day weekend. Now he's going in october with one of his buddies.

Also, I flew a couple of model rockets today. One worked, two didn't. Film at 11.


mandachan said...

oh, suck it up. it's a day off.

Anonymous said...'re a government employee? what kind of secret life do you lead, ege?

The EGE said...

I'm a page at the Gales Ferry Library. I shelve books and clean up the puzzles that the little kids leave out. Oh, that and the little contract with the CIA.