Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Little News

Minor reports that didn't make it into yesterday's kingdom status:
  • I actually got up pretty early this morning at 8:50 when mandachan called.
  • My current, rather interesting playlist:
    • King Crimson - a 1970s alt rock band. Unknown but great.
    • Juanes - a modern Spanish rocker
    • Dropkick Murphys - awesome Boston Irish punk band
    • Black Sabbath - weird but awesome
  • I'm up to 74275 in my upcoming 7400 series list. If you have any information on the following chips, drop me a line.
    • 74200 and 74201 and 74206 256-bit RAMs
    • 74209 1024-bit RAM
    • 74210 octal buffer
    • 74227 and 74228 16x4 FIFOs
    • 74232 Quad NOR
    • 74270 and 74271 2048-bit ROMs
    • 74274 4x4 binary multiplier
    • 74275 Wallace tree
  • If anyone has a bunch of 4000 series or 7400 series chips to sell me, or even sees this this blog, please drop me a line.


mandachan said...

david, i didn't call you. my mom called your mom.
and the only thing i recognized in that post was the dropkick murphys and black sabbath.

mandachan said...
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mandachan said...

(sorry wrong post)