Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Various News

Much news from around the kingdom:
  • First, I am up to #10 if you google search 'the amateur geek' without quotations. I am #1 if you use quotations. 'JEDEC 3N' gives me first.

  • I have reached up to 74141 on my upcoming 7400 series list. I intend for it to be even more complete than Wikipedia's list. If you have any information on the following, please let me know:
    • 7424 Quad 2-input NAND w/ Schmitt trigger line-receiver inputs

    • 7431

    • 7458-59 Dual 4-bit counters

    • 7463

    • 7479 Dual D Flip-flop

    • 7481 16-bit RAM

    • 7484 16-bit RAM

    • 7498-99 4-bit universal shift registers

    • 74118-19 hex RS latches

    • 74135 quad 2-input XOR/NOR

  • So, the general idea is that the CD prefix(i.e. CD4001, etc) stands for CMOS Digital. Eh, not so. I have several CD23xx parts that are DTL parts equivalent to the common 930 series.

  • I like my job! I am now officially the page at Gales Ferry Library. w00t.


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Anonymous said...

your blog is a library page? what? by the way, congrats on being so internetically famous. i envy you.