Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rebuilding Rama: done!

Two months ago, I started rebuilding Rama, one of my favorite rockets. This required a near-complete replacement of the motor mount and the cotton wadding that supports it, repairs to the body tube, and a new paint job.

I finished all the repairs before college, but it wasn't quite finished. On Sunday, when I was home for a few hours, I added the second coat of white paint.

It's not perfect, as the upper end of the body tube is still slightly crumpled, but it's far better-looking than before. The red writing on the body tube no longer shows through a single coat of paint. The clear acrylic fins, which I carefully masked, are barely visible against the body tube (as they should be). And, perhaps most importantly, it's ready for a lot more flying. The new 18mm motor mount has no engine block nor motor hook, so it can take any 18mm motors, including Aerotech 18/20 reloads, or even longer experimental loads.

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