Thursday, September 8, 2011

Boston at Night

I've taken to carrying a camera around everywhere I go in Boston. It's five years old and only 3 megapixels (the same as my cell phone), but it's making me notice things I normally wouldn't, and it's very exciting having a city to photograph. (I lived for 18 years in a cowtown, okay? Not a bad place, but not many people or buildings.)

It was raining tonight at the first BU Astronomy Society meeting, but we went out on the 6th floor roof of the College of Arts and Sciences anyway. My pictures were blurry, badly lit, and out of focus, but I had some fun with them anyway.

Cambridge, with accidental camera wiggle:

Cambridge, with digital brightness manipulation:

Lights on Commonwealth Avenue, digitally saturated:

Walking back between the brownstones on Bay State Avenue:

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@eloh said...

The light "wiggle" is really interesting effect. I like it.