Sunday, June 12, 2011

Working on the L-13

My Fliskits L-13 did not have very good luck on its last outing. It was unstable under the larger motor, and a bit of flashing got ripped off.

To replace the flashing, I first tried to use similar plastic. But bent plastic has to be formed that way; trying to bent 1/64" plastic just causes it to break. So, instead, I found some old tin flashing I had squirreled away. It's thinner than the plastic, but it cuts straight, bends easily, and matches the paint perfectly. It's now fixed in place.

For stability, I decided to add nose weight, because there's no rear weight to remove, and it being a scale model I couldn't just add larger fins. I drilled two 3-centimeter deep (1.25") holes into the base of the nose cone, on opposite sides of the eyebolt. Each hole perfectly fits a 1" length of quarter-inch steel rod. Once they're fully glued in, they'll add 0.6 ounces of nose weight, which should keep it stable even on the heavier C6 and D motors.

The one remaining problem is the parachute: it never manages to come out. It's probably the parachute protector which I like to use. Perhaps a baffle may be a good choice.

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