Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ow. ow. ow. ow. ow.

Ouch. Yo fue un idioto ayer. I was riding my scooter on a flat section of road and I see a puddle ahead and a decide to jump it. I hit it at about 15 or 20 mph. it's 8 feet wide, I get 7 feet. The back wheel drags in some muck and I lose control. The wheels go left and I go right with the handle bars. I hit the deck still going 10 or 15. I roll nicely over my right shoulder, but I bang my wrist HARD. Then i gotta walk a quarter mile uphill to get home.
The Score:
road rash 3
sprained wrist 1
me zippo
And, of course, my regularly scheduled checkup is today, so the good dr esposito (no, not related to espo) gets to see the full extent of my idiocy. ow.


mandachan said...

2. awwwww, poowr wittwle david. he got a boo-boo. SUCK IT UP AND TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!
3. about the sweden vs. italy thing, porque yo dije que. i am getting sick of this 'take a wild guess and hope it's right' thing with the pictures, and i'm not going to be home all summer. 2 days a week i'm helping at sam's daycare, 3 days my parents have off so we'll be doing stuff, so if you did your math right (which i sure hope to god you did) that only leaves 2 days to fool around. and by then, maxie will've already gotten it. and it's a bit of overkill 'cause dan hasn't participated in a while.

mandachan said...

oh, and why is your idiotness a surprise? just wondering.