Monday, December 26, 2011

A letter to the T

From the Globe comes the sad news that the anonymous employee who brought Boston this bit of holiday spirit might face "a written warning, suspension, or termination".

I thought the prank was funny, well-timed, and in good taste. The following is what I just sent to MBTA management using their feedback form:

To the MBTA management:

The anonymous MBTA employee who programmed the Park Street sign to play "Deck the Hall" yesterday deserves not discipline or termination, but commendation. Many other transit systems - New York and Chicago, in particular - have special holiday trains covered in lights than run their systems in December. Even Amtrak outfits the Downeaster with wreaths.

To tell this employee that their action - harmless, pushing no viewpoint save cheerfulness, and genuinely funny - is worthy of reprimand is a robotic and unreasonable reaction. I hope that the MBTA will have a laugh and move on rather than punishing this employee.

David Sindel
MBTA customer

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Tyler said...

Well said! I have also written in to the T on the subject.