Friday, December 23, 2011


Although I am a solidly left-brain person, what with my engineering classes and my persistent love affair with good data, I do have a creative interest at times. I've posted a few things about interesting art I've found, and occasionally I will make an attempt to write something worth reading.

Yesterday, probably through Reddit, I stumbled across this post about some incredible sculptures. Guy Laramee takes old encyclopedias and carves incredible landscapes out of the thin, dense pages. He even carved one out of a stack of leaning books.

The blog on which I found the page about him is called Colossal, and it's an art and design blog with an emphasis on cool installation and sculpture art.

One such artist I found on there was Cameron Booth. He takes some excellent photos, but what really caught my eye was his maps and diagrams. He takes systems like Amtrak and the US Interstate system and makes them into easy-to-read subway-style diagrams. Here's one of the numbered US routes:

U.S. Routes as a Subway Map
(Click for full version on his Flickr)

Possible the most impressive, though, is this one of France's high speed rail (TGV) routes:
Itinéraires de train à grande vitesse de la France

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