Saturday, November 26, 2011

More Books!

In my quest to assemble my life's library - more books than I could ever read - I picked up three at Book Barn today.

"Flatland" is Victorian social satire. About geometry. It's mostly remembered for its discussion of life in the 2D plane, rather than its scathing critique of the Victorians. It's also a fabulous way to more fully understand dimensions, especially getting an idea of the 4th dimension.

The other two I got are about trolleys. One is a 1961 book about systems all around the US, focusing heavily on the Midwest interurban lines, almost all of which are now gone. The other is a publication of the Connecticut Valley chapter of the National Railway Historical Society about several former trolley lines that once existed here in southeastern Connecticut and the nearby sections of Rhode Island. They were ultimately integrated into the Norwich and Westerly system, and included the Pawcatuck Valley Street Railway, Groton and Stonington Street Railway, and the Ashaway and Westerly Railway. It also covers the New London & East Lyme Street Railway.


brett said...

I always took Flatland to be more of a theological argument than anything else...

Tyler said...

Flatland was such a strange book. Quite a fascinating read, though.