Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MBTA lost-and-found

So, I lost my room key on Saturday. It happened to be when I was bringing a friend to Logan Airport - so that key could be anywhere at Kenmore station, on a Green Line car, at Government Center, on a Blue Line car, at Airport Station, on a Massport shuttle bus, at Logan, on a Silver Line bus, at South Station, on a Red Line car, at Park Street Station, or on a second Green Line car.

So I, of course, tried to contact lost-and-found. Logan's lost-and-found is run by the state police and is highly efficient. There's an online form to use and you can view a list of items on their website.

The MBTA is not so helpful. The main number given on the website - (617) 222-3200 - just goes to their phone directory with no convenient lost-and-found option. The South Station number goes to an answering machine even during business hours.

What are useful are the individual line numbers. Each colored line maintains its own lost-and-found, and they are manned and have helpful operators. But the numbers are not publicly available! You have to get them from an attendant at a manned station like Park Street, Airport, or Kenmore.

For your convenience, here are the numbers:
Blue: (617) 222-5533
Orange: (617) 222-5403
Green: (617) 222-5220 (also 617-222-6070 at Riverside)
Red: 617-222-5099 (formerly -5231 and -6494)
Silver: (617) 222-2432

The commuter rail and ferries have their own numbers which can be found here.


Judeth Van Hamm said...

Thank you

Judeth Van Hamm said...

Thank you. This post led to a real person to talk with.

levi said...

Updated Red Line number:617-222-6494

The EGE said...

Thank you Levi; I've updated the post.

Katie Waltemyer said...

Thank you for posting this! I waited on the main line forever until I found this post and was instantly connected with someone.

Thomas Graham said...

Does anyone know where I can find the lost and found for the #47 bus?

The EGE said...

Thomas: the only number I can find is the main number, (617) 222-3200. However, if you ask the agents at Park Street or Airport, they may be able to get you the specific bus number.

dtb said...

Red line number has changed again - 617-222-5099

Greg said...

The Green Line has another lost and found (at the Riverside office) that can be reached at 617-222-6070. Best not to call that one during rush hour; they sometimes get busy with other stuff and don't answer.

The EGE said...

Greg: Thanks, I've added it to the list.