Monday, August 1, 2011

RIP Wireless Mouse

After two years, my wireless mouse finally died. It was a generic Microsoft mouse - the one Microsoft product that actually worked as it should.

The left mouse button finally stopped working. It worried me at first, because the same symptoms - inability to click anything, switch tabs, or close windows, or even open the Task Manager - are indicative of a more serious problem, like the computer freezing up.

I figure I just wore the switch contacts out. At perhaps 6 clicks a minute, four hours a day, that's 1440 clicks a day - or more than a million clicks. The little metal contacts in the switch had been getting shakier - I had trouble clicking and holding recently - and they finally just gave out.

I'm currently using an old wired mouse, which is spectacularly annoying. But it beats the touchpad.

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The Existentially Curious said...

My Logitech wireless mouse recently showed signs of age. The main button doesn't respond as well, which gets annoying when I click and drag. It has been about 4 years now, so...