Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mabus Arrested

Mabus, aka Dennis Markuze, is among the craziest and nastiest trolls out there. For 15 years he has been spamming James Randi, PZ Myers, Jen McCreight, and anyone else in the atheism movement he could find. He moved from general wackiness to stalking and increasing legitimate death threats, including going to an atheism conference (and getting stopped from going into others). He made dozens of new Twitter accounts every day, just to threaten people who he happened to disagree with, with all manner of gruesome death. He threatened families, and threat-spammed anyone, even minors. He made it very clear that this was no clear harassment; he was a danger.

And what did the police in Montreal (his home base) do? Nothing. They chose to ignore complaint after complaint, despite all indications being that he might hurt someone. Only after he started threatening a Montreal resident, and a petition was created that (legally) emailed the Montreal police every time it was signed, did they start an investigation.

Today, the police tweeted that an arrest has been made in the case. This man is clearly mentally ill; perhaps he will get the professional help that he obviously needs. Hopefully, those in the movement will feel (and be) less in danger.

Tim Farley has an excellent and complete accounting of the whole story; I highly recommend you take a few minutes and go read it.

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