Friday, July 8, 2011

Tremont streets

Tremont Street is one of the major throughfares in Boston. It's got lots of history on it - and under it: The Tremont Street Subway, the oldest in America, was built in 1897. It still carries Green Line trams.

"Tremont" comes from "Trimontaine" - Trimountain - one of the original names of Boston. Beacon Hill was once triple-peaked and taller, hence the name.

The original Tremont Street runs 3.3 miles from Boston Common to Brigham Circle. But it's not alone. Inside Route 128, there are no less than seven other Tremont Streets, including in the adjoining communities of Newton, Cambridge / Somerville, Everett, Malden, and Melrose. And there's more outside 128, including two in Taunton / Dighton and two around Plymouth.

And this is a fairly unique thing. There's a handful of Tremont Streets outside eastern Massachusetts - but nowhere near this density. It's obvious that a lot of cities and town wanted to copy Boston.

But the navigation just gets worse. In the same area, there are also 2 Tremont Avenues, one Court, five Places (one in downtown Boston), and three Roads. Many are connected to the various Tremont Streets. In fact, a single Tremont Street has two different Tremont Places connecting to it - one in Peabody, one in Salem.

Here's a map I made:

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