Monday, July 18, 2011


So, I've mentioned before that I'm a fan of free and open-source software. I browse the internet with Chrome, use Tor to get past blocks, and waste time playing Nethack. I use OpenRocket do design my rockets. I use GIMP for heavy editing of pictures (and creating animations) and Inkscape for vector graphics.

Now, I've added a new one to my stable. Hugin is a free, open-source panorama photo stiticher.

But it's more than just a photo stitcher. You can give it a bunch of images - I've personally done 11 without it crashing, but it can support at least 127 images - and it'll do almost everything for you. It'll balance colors so they all fit together, choose points to match up, and then morph each picture so that they all match up perfectly. Then, it spits out a beautiful panorama, in your choice of .tiff, .jpg, or .png.

It's really neat for me, because I like panoramas, but I'm bad at putting them together. I cobbled one good one of a mural in Park Street station in Picasa, but it can't correct perspectives at all. I attempted a couple in GIMP, but it doesn't have the spherical perspective correction nor the automatic color matching. But Hugin solves all those problems.

Here's what my own Picasa combination looked like:

And here's the panorama created by Hugin:

No contest there. (It's the southbound station building at Westerly.)

Other panoramas I've created using Hugin today (linked because they're big files, up to 12 MB):

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