Wednesday, July 27, 2011

GIMP skills

So, when I was up in Boston for orientation, I took this picture at Back Bay on the commuter rail platforms:

It's a lousy picture in several ways. The perspective is awful, there's glare from the lights, it's fuzzy, and oh yeah, there's a clueless grandma who walked into my picture. (Definitely a grandma - she later started talking about her grandkids.)

But I have GIMP, and after several attempts, I got a decent picture. I straightened it to an almost-flat view of the sign, and I managed to remove the grandma then repair the picture.

I also did some sharpening of the text. Most is still unreadable, but the date is definitely 1920 - old enough that the photographs are public domain.

It's not perfect; my patch jobs are pretty bad and the perspective is still wonky. But it's good enough to have uploaded it to Commons:

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