Monday, May 30, 2011

Want to get lost in Boston?

Then perhaps hop on the T.

Do you want to go to Fenway? (Green Line D branch)
Don't accidentally go to Fenwood Road (Green Line E branch).

If you're visiting Harvard (Red line), then you probably don't want to get off at Harvard Avenue (Green line B branch).

If you're going to Longwood Medical Area (Green Line E branch) on the east side of the Muddy River, I'd recommend not taking a D branch train to Longwood Avenue.

If you're heading to Central on the Red Line, watch out for Central Avenue on the Ashmont-Mattapan High Speed Line.

Don't confuse Kenmore (Green line) with Kendall / MIT (Red Line) or Kent Street (C branch).

St. Pauls Street pops up on two different Green Line branches - B and C!

You can hop the D branch to Newton Highlands or Newton Centre... but make sure you don't want to be on a commuter train to Newtonville or West Newton... or a Silver Line bus to Newton Street.

Massachusetts Avenue is a long road... and the Orange Line and Silver Line don't stop at the same place on it....

Make sure to differentiate between Chestnut Hill Avenue (B branch) and Chestnut Hlll (D branch).

If you're looking for Riverway on the E branch, then you definitely do not want a D branch tram heading to Riverside.

There's Washington Street (B branch) and Washington Square (C branch), and there's Wood Island (Blue Line) and Woodland (D branch).

But the biggest mistake of all: if you're at South Station and looking for a Silver Line bus to Worcester Square, then it would be a very, very bad idea to board a train to Worcester.

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