Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ruggles pictures

I've finally finished uploading all my Ruggles pictures from my February trip to Wikimedia Commons. Here they are.

Artwork inside the overhead walkway:

Snow-covered commuter rail platform (part of the platform was cleared off)

Looking at the platform from under the overpass:

A station sign; color has been saturated a tad:

Looking over to the Orange Line platform:

An inbound Orange Line train:

Heading away:

And an outbound train:

Finally, after 15 minutes of waiting, a commuter rail train arrived, #1608 inbound from Needham. Here's the cab car leading the train:

And a surprise! New locomotive, Motive Power MPI36 #11, pushing the train. I was one of the first to get a picture:

A few minutes later came #1809 outbound to Providence. Here's a shot of passengers boarding:

I'm too lazy to link to all of them individually, so here is the link to the category on Commons, which has my images plus a few others.

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