Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Physics Exam... sorta.

So, yesterday, just after noon, I'm sitting down to take my physics exams. I fill out the forms, open the shrink-wrapped test, and... the fire alarm goes off.

Everyone heads outside. A few minutes later, a fire truck shows up; over the next 20 minutes it is followed by six more from two different towns. Turns out, two gas detectors went off in the old steam tunnels under the school. They had to go in with oxygen gear and such to make sure it was safe.

We were outside for over an hour; fortunately it was sunny and warm, and everyone stayed pretty calm and behaved.

Long story short, I missed the Mechanics section of the exam and will be retaking it on the 20th. I did take the Electricity and Magnetism section since we were back inside by 2:00; I feel that I did fairly well.

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DTH Rocket said...

Oo. Talk about awkward timing...