Saturday, May 28, 2011

More T Pictures

All are from my March 23rd trip. Click on the link to go to the Commons file description page.

Ongoing construction at Science Park (which is now temporarily closed for rebuilding). Note the fancy old black wrought-iron catenary wire hangers:

A station sign at Wellington. This platform is intended to serve the express track (barely visible in the bottom-left corner) which has never been used. The commuter track is in the background.

Two abandoned RDCs (Rail Diesel Cars) sitting on a dead track in Boston Engine Terminal. These served with the Boston & Maine and the MBTA, and are visible from the Orange Line between Sullivan Square and Community College.

Three shots at Community College.


And its namesake behind it:

And three shots at South Station, taken from my outbound Amtrak train. Here's a couple of bilevel coach cars; based on my analysis it's the P527 5:35 local to Worcester.

Here's a train entering the station; I believe it to be #918, the 5:00 inbound from Stoughton, with the end of P527 behind it.

And their two locomotives:

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