Sunday, April 3, 2011

Storrow Drive Panorama

During my March visit to BU, I took a lot of pictures. The pictures of the T are coming shortly, but first I wanted share the pictures I took that weren't of the T.

I got to BU a bit early, so I walked around campus a bit. At the end of Silber Way, there's a small footbridge. It takes you over Storrow Drive and onto the Charles River Reservation (BU Beach, as it's called locally).

It was a strange juxtaposition: on the middle of this bridge in the middle of a crowded city, with fifty cars a minute rushing below, I could see no one. The cars were rushing by too fast to see inside, no one was passing on the Beach, and the brownstones hid Commonwealth Avenue.

So, I took a picture, facing east:

Then, I took ten more, rotating on the center of the pedestrian bridge.

Yesterday, I stitched them together in GIMP. It wasn't perfect - I was doing it all by hand, which means that the rotation is only approximate, and due to the different depths in each picture, only a few things match up perfectly. Also, I did not color-balance them. But I'm still quite proud of the result:

(which you should definitely click on to emBostonize)

If you'd like the original version to play with or modify, I've uploaded it to Wikimedia Commons and you can find it here.

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