Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pictures from the T Part 1: Green Line

My visit at BU got done around 3, too late to catch the 3:20 train home, so I had plenty of time to kill. I walked down Commonwealth Ave. to BU West:
(Not a free-use image due to Andy Bell's neat art on the sign)

I rode from BU West inbound, then got off at Boylston. Boylston is a somewhat weird station. It was originally four-tracked, with two island platforms each serving two tracks. The inner pair of tracks are still operative, but the outer pair are not. They dip under the inner tracks just south of Boylston, and to head the unused southern section of the Tremont Street Subway, which allowed streetcars to reach South Boston and briefly (1901-08) the Washington Street Elevated.

But the inbound track isn't completely unused - the MBTA put two old streetcars on display, which is very cool. Here's a shot of Boston Elevated Railway #3295 and its sign:

Number 3295 is a PCC (President's Conference Committee) streetcar. The PCC cars were top-of-the-line in the late 1930s and engineered impressively; the MBTA still uses ten of them of the Ashmont-Mattapan branch of the Red Line.

After waiting on numerous B, C, and D branch trams, I finally caught a E-branch tram out to Lechmere. There, I walked around and boarded an inbound train, but got off at Science Park.

There, I sought out the MBTA official on the platform. Not a cop, but there to keep order and assist the tram drivers. Contrary to the image of the MBTA as disliking photography, he was familiar with MBTA policy that allows non-threatening photography and told me to have fun. I took a few shots down the viaduct:

The Science Park station is in the middle of accessibility-related rebuilding, hence the temporary wooden platforms. Not all of the platforms were wooden, only about 100 feet of length on the Lechmere side.

Then, I boarded a tram and got off at North Station and changed to the Orange Line.. but that's for next post.

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