Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I am quite pleased, because for a super secret future project of mine, I have had the occasion to make a monocle.

The lens is about 30mm in diameter; its assembly comes from the scanner that I took apart for my second post.

I made the frame out of some materials I bought last month - sixteenth-inch aluminum tubing, with even tinier brass wire inside to keep it from buckling. In what historians are calling "unprecedented but not really that impressive", I managed to solder it closed myself.

The chain was 2 dollars at a craft store. The lens is attached to the frame with my trusty epoxy clay, painted silver.

Interestingly, with a large lens held at arms length, it can function as the eyepiece of a primitive telescope.


Laura said...

Not exactly secret... since you told me at Six Flags...

The EGE said...

Hush ye :)