Monday, April 4, 2011

"Celebration of the Underground"

On my way to BU in March, I didn't take a lot of pictures. A blurry one of a T map, plus the Storrow Drive panorama pictures, plus two more which I'll get to in a moment.

I did travel quite a bit, though. From South Station, I took the Red Line to Park Street, then a Green Line tram to Government Center and its weird triangular platform. Then a Blue Line train to the loop platform at Bowdoin, where I exited the train, watched it go around the loop, then boarded the now-outbound train back to Government Center. From there, I took a Green Line tram out to Blandford Street (on the east end of BU).

I did get two neat photographs, which cover about half of the neatest pieces of public art I've ever seen. Created by artist Lilli Ann K. Rosenberg, it's a mosaic mural titled "Celebration of the Underground" and shows the first 100 years of Park Street Station and the Tremont Street Subway, which opened in 1897.

I was only able to photograph part of the mural due to ongoing construction (and grumpy construction workers...) but I stitched two pictures together into a composite:

(Please note that unlike most images from this blog, this image is NOT free-use. It contains the inherent copyright of the original artist, Ms. Rosenberg, by US law and can only be used in limited circumstances.)

You can find more about MBTA public art from the MBTA here.

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