Saturday, April 23, 2011

Boston Visit!

I spent most of Friday in Boston for an accepted students day at BU. It was quite enjoyable; I got to meet some of my fellow engineering students and fellow honors college students, as well as talking with current honor students. It was excellent, and definitely confirmed my decision.

I also got to take a look at a dorm room - lived-in, not the empty example room - in the Towers, where I will live next year. The obligatory picture was taken:

(Note my complete disregard for the keep-off-the-grass chains.... such a rebel.)

After the visit, my folks and I walked down Commonwealth Avenue, from Kenmore Square to west campus and back. With two cameras, we took a ton of pictures. I'm going to break them up into several posts.

Here's one picture that doesn't fit anywhere else, though. It's a chandelier inside the "Castle" on Bay State Road:

(click to enlarge to lanterny goodness)

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